We understand how powerful partnerships can be. 

Organizations, large and small, partner with other companies to enhance their brand, extend their sales footprint, and grow their membership base.

At CLEMS, we develop and facilitate strong working relationships while managing high quality delivery of programs and services that benefit both parties.



We initiate and build external partnerships, from first contact to delivery, and long- term connection.

CLEMS management guarantees client satisfaction at the highest level through consistent collaboration and meeting set expectations.

We know that it is integral to increase the involvement of the partners among the membership and facilitate their participation, while providing high quality and innovative servicing to the partners by expanding their networks, and building their brand image.


Developing and implementing a successful sponsorship strategy is critical to the financial success of any major event.

For your sponsors, we provide tailor made packages that align with their broader business strategies, with a focus on brand experience, community engagement and staff engagement.

For you, sponsorship will engage your delegates, showcase world-class products and services and generate revenue off the back of the event.