Faced with financial pressures and staffing challenges, associations are increasingly looking to hire professional Association Management Companies (AMCs) that provide professional management to non-profit organisations. Associations run by voluntary boards with different state divisions are often seeking a national point of call for their members. This is where CLEMS can assist by representing your association’s national office.

Organisations come to CLEMS seeking efficient association management, strategic advice and planning, high-quality websites and creative services, flawless conferences and special events, persuasive marketing and public relations and other professional secretariat services. We are committed to quality and integrity, and enjoy long-term partnerships with client organizations, helping them bring value to members, maximize resources and achieve new levels of membership growth.

CLEMS’ team works with you to plan and execute an association’s initiatives, programmes and member services based on the association’s overall mission, strategy and objectives. Our key strengths will provide:

  • Complete accountability
  • Professional advice with integrity
  • A team approach led by experienced association staff
  • Access to professional staff expertise in organisational management techniques and technology
  • Trained specialists to provide support in areas such as financial accounting, marketing and communications
  • Full time staff support while enjoying cost savings resulting from a shared resource relationship
  • Staff flexibility with heavy and light workload periods
  • A broad information base and valuable contacts in the business and wider association industry

CLEMS understands the importance of an association’s goals and objectives and are leaders in developing new strategic and streamlined processes that benefit members in various areas such as networking, professional growth, education and international recognition.

Our service arrangement is tailored to client-specific needs in whatever the size, scope or level of requirements. We offer our experience and resources to support and enhance every possible area of your organisation’s activities.

What they say

Thank you for everything you have done for AMTA this year. I’m so very pleased and proud of what we have achieved together, and very grateful to have such dedicated and skilled women to work alongside.

Australian Music Therapy Association
Australian Music Therapy Association


Australian Music Therapy Association

CLEMS has demonstrated that through their centralised secretariat office, with a with strong and knowledgeable support staff, the administration, member services and financial management of our group has been seamless.   Our group is funded largely funded through grants provided by Vic Roads. CLEMS has assisted our group in the application process, evaluation of our various programs, booking agent for the various programs that we provide.    Due to stringent reporting requirements by VicRoads, CLEMS have prepared on-going status reports on a quarterly basis’s to ensure that funding is provided at pre-determined payment times.  Given our large membership and stakeholder base, I have found CLEMS to be efficient in coordinating and managing the required administrative services of our group and agendas and financial statements provided in a timely manner.

Roadsafe Eastern Metro
Road Safe Eastern Metro, Victoria


Road Safety Association, Victoria